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Great Campaigns of the American Civil War: Hood Strikes North
2021-2023 Boardgame Players Association PBEM Tournament

To sign up for the tournament, please send an email to GCACW.GM at, or use the button below to send an email. Please use the email address where you wish to receive tournament information and include your ACTS user name. The deadline to sign up is September 22, 2021.


Qualifications for Tournament Entry:

  • Must be a member of the Boardgame Players Association at the Associate level ($10) or higher. Membership is required only for the year that the tournament starts.

  • Must own a hardcopy of Hood Strikes North.

  • When signing up, players must say whether they want to play in the live play division, the PBEM division, or if they have no preference and are willing to play exclusively in either division (see tournament format for more information). A PBEM aid (VASSAL) is required for people playing in the PBEM division. People in the live division can play using VASSAL, on the GCACW discord server, or in any other mutually acceptable way.

  • If playing in the PBEM division, players must have an active ACTS account when signing up for the tournament (sign up for an account here), and report the username to the GM when signing up.


GM: Mark Booth

Assistant GMs: Ed Beach, Justin Rice, and Chris Withers


VASSAL module for Hood Strikes North by Alberto Romero;

Hood Strikes North game design and development: Joe Balkoski, Ed Beach, Chris Withers;

Map Painting: Charles Kibler;

Game Publisher: Multi-Man Publishing

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